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Oreo Releasing Special Team USA Cookies.

Kropivnicky, Ukraine - September 2, 2019: Oreo Cookie Consisting
Credit: | BigStockPhoto.com

For the 2020 Olympics, Oreo will have a special red, white and blue edition.

 We may be looking at the debut of a “Team USA” cookie ahead of this year’s summer Olympics in Tokyo.

Per the Instagram account @JunkFoodLeaks_, “Olympics-themed Oreo sporting” cookies are on their way. The cookies—which will be stuffed with red, white, and blue creme, because of course they will—are going to taste just about the same as a regular Oreo, but they’ll be oh so patriotic when you crack them open!

Apparently, these Oreos will *technically* be triple-stuffed: “The Olympic Oreos are standard, and have as much creme/calories as a mega stuf Oreo…oh and one more thing, your tongue might change colors with this one.”

 Yes, we can confirm that Team USA OREO cookies will be available this summer.