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Onion? or Speeding Ticket?

Speeders in a school zone in Florida get to choose, a ticket? Or an onion from the Grinch.

Col. Lou Caputo, a 37-year veteran of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office who conjured up the concept more than 20 years ago, was back on the streets.

Drivers who travel about 5 mph or less above the school zone’s speed limit can choose between traffic citations and an onion presented by the Grinch. Those speeding beyond that likely receive a costly ticket.

Caputo said he portrays the fictional character created by children’s author Dr. Seuss to give motorists a “gift” but also to call attention in a nice way to the need to obey speed limits in school zones.

“It catches them off guard,” Caputo said.

“But when I give them a clear choice of a citation or the onion, they will take the onion.

And I’ve had them eat the onion right in front of me.”

He says “It’s about education, awareness that our school zones are still operating even though it’s the holiday season,”

Video: HERE

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