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Olivia Rodrigo wants to take fans to the prom with her revamped SOUR prom tou

Olivia Rodrigo

It’s prom season, and Olivia Rodrigo has devised the perfect way to send off her tour opener, Gracie Abrams, whose final performance was on Saturday. She marked the occasion by transforming the SOUR tour into an over-the-top prom party and got her fans in on the fun.

The “drivers license” singer encouraged concertgoers attending Saturday’s show in Detroit to wear corsages and dress fancy for Gracie’s final night. “you guys. i wanted to do a little something special for Gracie’s last show tmrw in detroit,” Olivia tweeted ahead of the show. “Since it’s prom seasonnnn I thought maybe we could turn SOUR TOUR into SOUR PROM???? Would u guys be down? Prom attire?”

Fans showed up dressed to the nines and Olivia, who was dressed in a puffy purple mini dress and black fishnet stockings, raved about the smashing success.

“Gracie’s last night of SOUR TOUR and the first night of SOUR PROM yesterday in detroit,” Olivia wrote on Instagram and shared a carousel of photos of the festivities. Olivia topped off the prom by bestowing two dressed-up fans with SOUR tiaras and sashes. “I had so much fun dressing up and crowning prom queens,” she remarked.

Olivia had so much fun, in fact, she may want to do it again, asking, “nyc would u go to prom with me???”

Olivia plays the Big Apple’s Radio City Music Hall on Tuesday, April 26, and Wednesday, April 27.

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