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Oh Ed, why must you mess with us?

Game of Thrones fans have another reason to get excited for the upcoming season of the hit HBO show!  Not only is it premiering months earlier than previously thought, but one of season 7’s special guests will be none other than Ed Sheeran!  Can’t wait to see Ed’s GoT debut!

PS- there could be some beef brewing in Britain!  Remember that whole story that Ed Sheeran told about getting the scar on his face? He said he was playing around with his pals Princess Beatrice and James Blunt.  Beatrice was pretending to knight James and missed, striking Ed in the cheek. Ed hasn’t divulged too many details and has said he isn’t allowed to talk about it.  Buuuuut, James says none of it is true!

In a recent interview, James Blunt said “Ed was drunk, messing around, and he cut himself.  We made a fancy story up; people fell for it. It was very embarrassing.”  Pressed to reveal exactly how much was made up, James says, “All of it. Apart from the actual scar. It’s bizarre that people fell for it.”  He cracks, “I blame him. He must be desperate – he’s trying to sell records.”  James admits that he was actually there at the time, but insists, “I didn’t do it! He cut himself and I just patched him up. It’s made him look prettier.”  We remind you that the two are good friends, so perhaps they’re just having a big laugh!


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