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Official Teaser for Ozark Season 4 on Netflix!!!

Los Angeles July 26: Jason Bateman At The Jason Bateman Holly
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Admittedly the teaser leaves a bit to be desired… but it DOES prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, we WILL get some resolution to that season three, earth shattering cliff hanger.


It’s very interesting to me that they’ll split season 4 into two separate pieces.  I’m okay with that… the current 10 episode seasons just aren’t enough for me.  Especially when I was expecting more episodes out of the last season and didn’t realize the end was coming.  After the famous cliff hanger scene I go looking for episode 11… yeah… not so much.

Also a little disappointing… no word on WHEN season 4 will premier.  I’ll take it though.  Especially after those rumors there wouldn’t be a season 4 took years off my life!

Jason Bateman/Marty Byrd:  My spirit animal!