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“Of course we’re not alone”: Josh Groban’s wild alien theory


Last year, pop star Demi Lovato had a docuseries on Peacock called Unidentified, which explored the possibility of life on other planets. Well, perhaps Josh Groban should have been a guest on that show, because not only does he believe there’s life out there, he’s got a pretty bizarre theory about alien abductions.

Appearing on the Canadian radio show q with Tom Power, Josh said as a kid, he was really into the idea of aliens, and even wrote the U.S. Defense Department what he calls “a long essay” saying that he knew that alien abductions and time travel were real.

Surprisingly, Josh said, they sent him a nice letter back thanking him for his interest, along with a complete list of all the known UFO sightings that they haven’t been able to explain.

“I’m not sure the government would do that these days, but it was very, very cool,” Josh said. “And of course we’re not alone.”

He then shared a theory he found on the Internet, but finds pretty compelling. It’s based on the fact that everyone who says they’ve been abducted by aliens always describes them as looking the same: gray, with big eyes and round heads, but with two arms and two legs, just like us.

Josh pointed out, “If there was an actual alien race out there, it would probably look entirely different than us. So my feeling is that these abductions are actually coming from us — humans, a million years in the future.”

“Like, that’s what we look like after…evolution..and we’ve developed time travel,” he added. “And it’s us, a million years in the future, coming back and probing [the] 2022 [version of] us.”

“They’re gonna take me to the loony bin,” Josh laughed. “They’re knocking on the door right now!”

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