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Meet Diego.

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Diego is a 2-year-old sweet and goofy Boxer/lab mix we think. He’s a joyful exuberant guy that’s friendly with all people, young and old. He is good with other dogs but not cats. Diego is energetic, sweet and affectionate, and wants to please. He knows some basic commands and is responding well to leash training. He is highly food motivated, so treats help shape his behavior.

This wonderful guy needs a person or family that is willing to help him overcome his significant separation anxiety and who can, in the meantime, provide alternative human company when they’re gone—someone to petsit or bring him to doggy daycare. He also needs a home with a large fenced yard (not invisible/electric fence) and a doggy companion who can match his energy.


Meet Thor.


Thor is a 3-year old Labrador Retriever who weighs around 100 lbs. He was blind by the time he was 2, due to neglect. He had developed glaucoma in both eyes by the time he came to Lucky Paws Rescue, which caused a great deal of pain. The only way to relieve him of that pain was to remove his eyes.

Thor is very sweet with his foster family. They do not have any other pets, and we feel this would be best for Thor in his new home. Since he cannot see, Thor is not comfortable with dogs he does not know. A large fenced yard would also be great for Thor.

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