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Nun Shares Her Skin Care Secrets

And it goes viral!! Just 3 steps.

A nun has given her TikTok followers skin care and lifestyle tips that she believes

have helped her look younger than her chronological age.

Sister Claudette Powell, 55, shared the viral video detailing her routine on Saturday under her

 Nunsense for the People account, which has grown an audience of more than 35,700 followers.

Sister Powell explained that she’s been receiving direct messages from users

who are curious about her skin care routine because they

think she looks like someone who is in their 30s.

“I probably have a few less wrinkles than some people  my age because I don’t go out in the sun.”

She uses a sunshade or umbrella whenever she goes outside

because the excess sunlight gives her migraines,

Aside from avoiding the sun, Sister Powell said she makes

sure to film her TikTok videos with “good lighting,

“which she learned how to do from her days working in the professional photography business.

“Low lighting is a girl’s best friend. Trust me on that.”

And use baby skin care products!!

That’s all.

Story and Video: HERE

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