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Now What? Quarantined Kids

Boy Playing Chess
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Parenting expert says, “Keep your sense of humor intact. Put your oxygen mask on first, ask for help when you need it.” 

Rachel Simmons appeared on “Good Morning America” she explained how it’s important to follow

a loose schedule even as families are quarantined.

Structure is important

1. Maintain normal sleep schedule

2. Keep the same meal times you would any other day

3. Involve your kids in creating a daily plan

“Everybody’s more invested in something they have a hand in creating,

” Simmons explained. “Ask you child, ‘How do you want to spend your day?'”

Simmons suggests an exercise routine, a fun art project or learning a new recipe.

More importantly, allow them to choose, she said.

While it’s difficult to keep kids separated from their technology on a day home from school,

Simmons said it could be a learning opportunity for older children.

If you have a teenager, ask them if they’d be willing to vacuum in exchange for time to play video games.

“This is an opportunity for your kids to develop some independence and to contribute around the house,” Simmons added.

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