Not Your Mamma’s Bon Jovi

“American Reckoning” deals with the death of George Floyd in police custody, and “Do What You Can” is about surviving the coronavirus pandemic a day at a time.

These songs are not meant to be shouted out as one under the stars in a

New Jersey football stadium on a hot summer night.

They chronicle pain, loss, fear and death from the coronavirus,

police killings and mass shootings.

They’re about the struggles of first responders and hospital workers,

military members grappling with post-traumatic stress disorder and how

the media covers one mass shooting and quickly moves on to the next “before we can even grieve.”

To his credit, Jon Bon Jovi gets that releasing an album of “let’s go to the shore and party”

songs would be utterly tone-deaf in a year when there are so many literal life and death issues playing out.

His answer: Love, love and more love. “Bad Medicine” has given way to “Beautiful Drug,”

a song about how love is the cure that, in the absence of a vaccine, we need more now than ever.

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