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Not sure if the fish were biting, but these fisherman went home with two cats

These two guys were fishing in a quiet spot on the Warrior River in Alabama — no houses or people on the shore for miles — when they heard a splash, and then some frantic paddling, and off in the distance, a kitten was swimming right toward their boat! As they pulled the little guy to safety, they heard another splash, and the kitten’s pal started swimming their way too, and they pulled him aboard.

In this story about the episode, Jason Frost, the guy who pulled the kittens out of the river, said:

“There were no houses for miles,” he said. “Somebody probably dropped them off there in the middle of the night. They were so desperate they swam all the way out to us and almost jumped in the boat. They played with us all day,” Frost said. “They were loving on us and people went by and thought we were these crazy people who took their cats fishing.”

The fisherman dried the cats off, gave them some water to drink, and when they wrapped up their trip and headed to shore, they ran into a family who said they’d adopt the kittens. Next time those guys sit around with their buddies telling fishing stories, they’re going to have a whopper!

Read the whole story here.

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