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Not even the New York City Rockettes can teach Josh Groban how to dance

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Josh Groban admits he has two left feet when it comes to busting out fancy dance moves, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t tried to learn the basics. To help master the art of dancing, he traveled to Radio City Music Hall to consult the New York City Rockettes.

The Grammy nominee shared the Rockettes’ hilarious training montage where they try — and fail — to teach Josh how to do their signature high-kicking can-can.

“I learned a few things whilst taping this rehearsal with some of the brilliant @therockettes. 1. Stretch. 2. Maybe don’t wear Doc Martins for dancing. 3. What they do is really really hard,” Josh explained. “Thanks @therockettes for attempting to make me a triple threat. Not sure I got there but hey, that’s the way the cookie crumbles ok?”

His terrible dancing aside, Josh certainly gets an A for effort. He also tries to repay the dance professionals for trying to teach him how to perform their high kicks and flashy choreography by giving them a vocal lesson — but the ladies scurry away as soon as he turns his back on them.

Josh encouraged fans to head to New York City to watch the annual Christmas Spectacular Starring the Radio City Rockettes, which runs through January 2, 2022. In turn, the dancers invited fans to support Josh’s upcoming spectacular at the venue, which runs from April 7 to April 9, 2022.

Tickets for both events are on sale now at Radio City Music Hall’s official website.


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