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Not Boeing’s Fault.. Is It?

Boeing 777
Photo Credit: Bigstock

By now you’ve seen the video… United Airlines flight 328’s engine in tatters and on fire.  Now most Boeing 777’s are being scrutinized around the world.  But is it REALLY Boeing’s fault?

The engines in question are made by someone else, some WHERE else.  They’re made by Pratt and Whitney, shipped to Everett and attached to the plane by people here in Western Washington.  So does that mean Boeing deserves more scrutiny on top of the 737 Max, on top of a global pandemic that’s absolutely destroyed any business involved in air travel?

I’m asking because I honestly don’t know.  But my opinion is… hold your head high Boeing employees.  Boeing will catch the majority of the bad juju for this… but it’s not your fault.

I’m also VERY thankful that, through an absolutely terrifying situation, no one in the air or on the ground was hurt.