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No “F’s”

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” ‘F’s’ will not be an option,” according to State Schools Superintendent Chris Reykdal.

With the unprecedented extended school closures lasting into the summer

teachers and state administrators have been grappling with how to handle grading

students in an online environment where not every student may have equal time or access

to the same learning materials.

State officials took a step in answering those questions in

issuing grading guidelines for districts on Wednesday that include prohibiting failing grades.

” ‘F’s’ will not be an option,” said State Schools Superintendent Chris Reykdal,

adding the mantra for grading this quarter will be “do no harm.”

Grades are especially important for high school students where grades can determine

college admissions, scholarship opportunities or even college athletics or military recruiting.

Each district will have some flexibility in deciding how it wants to assign grades,

be it on a letter or numerical grading system.

But “pass/fail” or “no credit” grades are not allowed, and no student can be given a flunking grade.

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