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No Cussing on Sesame Street

A leaked clip of Julia Louis-Dreyfus cursing like a sailor on “Sesame Street” is blowing up online.

Social media is in stitches over the uproarious resurfaced outtake, in which the “Seinfeld” and “Veep” star dropped an epic S-bomb during a cameo on the classic kid’s show. The curse-laden clip apparently originated 1994, but is suddenly going viral on Reddit and Twitter, racking up millions of fresh views.

The 30-second blooper starts off with 61-year-old TV icon shares a scene Muppets Elmo and Zoe. The take goes belly-up after Louis-Dreyfus says the wrong name, and then subsequently utters an audible “s–t” after realizing her mistake.

The sitcom star attempts to apologize for firing off the profanity, whereupon Elmo, staying in character, acknowledges that she “said a bad word” — but still asks her for “$5” for the swear jar.

“You’re going to be a rich Muppet at the end of this day,” retorts Louis-Dreyfus, while prepping to redo the take.

Video: Here

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