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Nike’s “Dream Crazier” empowers female athletes to stay fierce

Written by Mandi Ringgenberg

Nike, a front-runner (no pun intended) in athletic apparel and gear, typically grabs audiences with three single words: Just do it.

But this time, only two words are needed.

The brand released a new ad campaign, featuring only female athletes in their newly released commercial, “Dream Crazier”. The title shines a light on famous, historic moments of women in sports, those who excelled at their professional sports, yet still, judged for their representation.

Nike turns words used to describe women in sports into a positive adjective, that no matter how crazy it looks or seems, you better believe these athletes are going to keep competing, regardless of what people say about them.

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Just Do It

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No on more fitting to narrate the ad then tennis powerhouse, Serena Williams. Williams speaks truth through the 90-second ad as the clip opens with a close-up of Sarah Reinertsen, Para-Olympic Triathlete, in tears during her race, with the words “If we show emotion, then we’re called dramatic.”

The video cuts to a little girl tackling fellow football players. “If we want to compete against men, we’re called men,” Williams continues.

In the mix, Megan Rapinoe, U.S. Women’s Soccer star, standing stone-cold during the national anthem as “And If we dream of equal opportunity, delusional.” A slight nod to when Rapinoe kneeled during the national anthem in 2017.

Seattle Storm, Sue Bird confronts a referee during a match-up as the broadcaster says “Sue Bird needs to calm down.”

A short, yet strong glimpse into the world in which competitive female athletes often times get misrepresented for their behavior during competition.

Viewers of any gender, race, or national origin will strongly identify with this ad and take a closer looks at the lack of fair representation from critics, media and a need to empower those fighting to be an athlete, equally.

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