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Nifty Ways to Kick Your Insomnia into Touch

Have you ever been sleepless in Seattle, wanting nothing more to close your eyes and drift off to dreamland, but to no avail? While the National Sleep Foundation recommends that healthy adults sleep between 7 and 9 hours a night, research indicates that nearly a third of adults sleep, at most, 6 hours a night. The CDC has even gone as far as to say that the levels of insufficient sleep amongst Americans have become a public health epidemic. Something clearly needs to be done to get Seattleites sleeping again. Counting sheep and popping an Ambien or two to cure your insomnia is so 2017. If you really want to kick your bad sleeping patterns to the curb you can make use of a few much more logical methods to have you sleeping like a baby.

Inhale through your left nostril

As bizarre as this may sound, this tactic is believed to be a very effective cure for even the most stubborn bout of insomnia. Your breathing can be an extremely potent sedative if utilized correctly. To perfect this technique is easy. Simply place a finger on your right nostril and focus on breathing through the left. Take deep, slow breaths until you feel yourself drift off to sleep. Curious as to the science behind this quick insomnia fix? It is actually very straightforward. In yogic science, the left nostril is a portal to your Ida energy which is representative of the moon energy which calms you down and relaxes your body and mind. Your right nostril, on the other hand, is associated with sun energy which is responsible for triggering your fight or flight response. In short, your one nostril is Ying while the other is Yang and you can breathe through them according to the result you desire.

Sleep naked while listening to white noise

While sleeping naked and listening to white noise are both effective remedies for insomnia on their own, combining the two undoubtedly provides a blissful night of deep sleep. By sleeping naked you will cool down your core temperature which will send a signal to your brain that it is time to sleep. Being unrestricted by clothing will also allow you to move around more freely, contributing to your overall comfort in bed. Listening to music before you fall asleep may feel pleasant but it isn’t very effective in helping you get a good night’s rest. The best solution is to drown out any noise by listening to white noise instead. The ambient sound will relax your mind and you will soon find yourself drifting off into a deep sleep, blissfully unaware of your dogs barking and your neighbor’s snoring. For good measure, you can always indulge in a mug of moon milk just before bedtime to make absolutely sure that you will not be counting sheep till the early hours of the morning.

Bury your phone in the backyard

No, we don’t expect you to literally bury your phone in the ground, although it may be a good idea judging by the unbelievable amount of time we spend on our phones every day. It has become habitual to scroll through our social media feeds or read an e-book while lying in bed at night, waiting for sleep to come. Unfortunately, the blue light that is omitted from our phones has the exact opposite effect – hindering melatonin production and keeping us to all hours of the morning according to researchers from Harvard University. If you want a sound night’s sleep it is best to either leave your phone in another room (although we know the chances of that happening is highly unlikely) or make sure you purchase a phone with an application that filters blue/green wavelengths at night.

While suffering from insomnia is never pleasant, finding an interesting and permanent cure could be an intriguing process. If none of the above tips help you get some shut-eye, you should perhaps consider consulting with your doctor as you could be suffering from an underlying condition that is contributing to your inability to sleep.

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