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Nick Lachey declares Daylight Saving Time “one of the most miserable days of the year for parents”

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Like many parents staring at this weekend’s calendar, Nick Lachey is dreading Daylight Saving Time — when we “spring ahead” on Sunday and lose that precious hour of rest.  While Nick isn’t upset he’s losing sleep, he’s more concerned how his three young children will handle the time change.

Asked what he’s least looking forward to, the Love Is Blind host admitted to ABC Audio, “Putting them to bed early! I think that’s the part that doesn’t ever happen, right? They go to bed at the same time, but they wake up an hour earlier, which is why that’s probably one of the most miserable days of the year for parents everywhere.”

Nick is the father of nine-year-old Camden, seven-year-old Brooklyn and five-year-old Phoenix, whom he shares with wife Vanessa.   Because of Sunday morning’s inevitable mayhem, the 98 Degrees singer declared, “I think I speak for all parents that the morning routine is pretty chaotic on any given day, but especially on that day when you lose that hour.”

So, does Nick think the U.S. should toss DST in the trash and stick to the same clock year-round?  He thinks the situation is a little more nuanced than that because “it’s one of those highly debatable things.”  Nick says DST was introduced to make it lighter earlier in the day to help farmers, but wondered, “Do we still need it anymore?”

While the jury is still out on that, Nick remarked, “All I know, as long as it’s still around, you know that it will continue to be painful.”

To help parents brace for DST, Nick’s teamed with Eggo to “give away a million waffles to parents…to try to make that day a little less chaotic.”  The giveaway starts March 14. 

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