Credit: John Fisher

News flash: When Seattle wants to laugh online, we prefer “haha” to “LOL”

How do you convey laughter when you’re on Facebook or you’re texting somebody? Chances are, it’s not “LOL” anymore. Facebook actually studied the ways we indicate laughter, because why wouldn’t they study that? And they found that “LOL” is pretty much DOA — it’s giving way to emojis and “haha” or “hehe.” And the city that’s leading the “haha” trend is . . . . Seattle! Chicago tends to favor emojis, but here in the Emerald City, we like a good “haha,” or maybe even a “hahahaha” if we’re really busting a gut.

You can check out the whole study, complete with pie charts and bar graphs, right here.

How about you? How do you let somebody know they’re making you laugh? Join the convo on our Facebook page.


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