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New Swim School in the Hamptons

dachshund dog swimming in swimming pool

For dogs!!!!

Nannies, cashmere togs, artisanal desserts, and now, $300 swim lessons — there seems to be no end to the money Hamptons parents will happily shell out for their little ones.

And not just the human kind. The latest indulgence for East End pups is pool time, complete with instructors, life jackets, inflatable toys and organized games.

New swim school Dog Beach was launched this month in Wainscott by founder Edward Alava, who discovered the furry charges at his canine day camp were so fond of splashing around that their owners began requesting extra plunge time.

“There was a real demand for swimming lessons from the people who loved seeing their dogs so happy,’’ Alava tells Alexa. “Some of the owners wanted to jump in with them, but we had to explain that this is only for dogs.’’

Well-heeled Hamptonites with pools in their backyards also want to make sure their puppies know how to safely navigate them.

“Teaching your dog to swim and find the steps without panicking can be lifesaving,” points out author and dog trainer Lisa Hartman, who summers in the Hamptons.

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