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New Snohomish County Vaccination Site… Where?

Male Doctor Holding Syringe Making Covid 19 Vaccination Injectio
Photo Credit: Bigstock

The latest mass vaccination site in our state is an unlikely spot.

We’ve heard stories all over the country of strange spots to get vaccinated.  Abandoned K Mart stores, car dealerships, even a bar!  But this one is our own little slice of cool!

Imagine getting vaccinated in the spot where you could once buy gunpowder packed into a tennis ball with a fuse?

Don’t you just love going to Boom City before the 4th of July every year.  It’s like a dark carnival with no rides… and the treats aren’t candy apples, onion rings or cotton candy… no it’s stuff that explodes into colorful bursts.  Yes please!

Now not only is Boom City your place for big booms… but it’s a place that just might, oh I don’t know… save your life?