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New Girl Scout Cookie Flavor Comes With A Message.

Alameda, Ca April 19, 2019: Stacks Of Popular Girl Scout Cooki
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It’s girl scout cookie season and THIS YEAR, there’s a new flavor with an inspiring twist.

The Scouts are kicking off their cookie season with a new flavor. The treat, called “Lemon-Ups,” is a crispy, lemony cookie made with sustainable palm oil.

But here’s where this one differs from your average Thin Mint. Each cookie is stamped with positive messages such as “I am a leader,” “I am gutsy” and “I am a go-getter.”


Another update to the lineup is an increased price. Boxes have gone up $1 and are now $5 each, except for specialty cookies, such as the gluten-free Toffee-tastics, which are $6.

Selling season in the greater New York City area is already underway, and cookies can now be purchased online through the Digital Cookie platform, with the invitation of a friendly Scout. You can also search for nearby booths in an app, available through the organization’s website.