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New Gen Z Trend Silent Walking

Young Woman Enjoying Walk On Empty Beach By Quiet Bay On Oahu, H
Jaren Wicklund|BigStock

They call it “silent walking”, that is: going for a walk without their phones, or without listening to music, podcasts, or any sort of technological distraction.

Podcaster Mady Maio takes credit for “unintentionally starting a movement” that, she promises, will “change your life”.

“No AirPods, no podcasts, no music. Just me, myself, and I,” she said in the video, which has now gained almost 500,000 views.


Maio said the first two minutes of her walk were “mayhem”, until she hit a “flow state”, when “suddenly you can … hear yourself.”

And, yet, the irony of it all is that by documenting their silent walks on social media as part of spreading the trend, these silent walkers are not, in fact, walking silently at all.

However, it is arguably a good thing that Gen Z are leaning away from their devices – even if it is just for 30 minutes a day.
But they are video-ing themselves not using tech? 
Some of us remember a time before cell phones, we walked everywhere without them!!!

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