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New Debate… And It’s a Good One!

Online Remote Learning. School Kids With Computer Having Video C
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Many school districts moving to distance/remote learning this fall will be enforcing a new “Zoom” dress code.  What do YOU think?


This is a TOUGH one isn’t it?  While I firmly believe you have to respect the teacher, the other kids in class AND yourself by putting some effort into your day and not just rolling over in bed and turning on the laptop.  You ARE in your own home… can someone tell you how to dress in your own home?  See?  Told you it was a tough one.

I spent MANY years in Catholic school so I KNOW the concept of a dress code.  I was required to wear a dress shirt, tie and dress pants through middle and high school.  So I guess I’m leaning toward at least some guidelines for a dress code even with distance learning.  It helps establish a healthy routine that hopefully includes a shower and some breakfast too.

However, we ARE asking kids to make a lot of sacrifices in their lives and who determines what’re pajamas or not?  Some people wear a t-shirt and sweat pants to bed.  Is that off limits?

We DO have to draw the line somewhere though.  My co-workers wouldn’t want to sit through a Zoom meeting with me in my boxers… sooooooo…..

Sorry for the visual.

I’m still on the fence about this.  Wearing jeans though… not just boxers.