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It’s Never Too Late To Channel Your Inner Artist

Contributing writer: Lucy Wyndham

Even if you don’t consider yourself particularly creative, it’s there inside you. According to Fast Company, a 2014 study revealed that 72% of us have creative insights in the shower. Now, just imagine if we allowed our minds to channel that creativity when we’re not showering! All it takes is a bit of solitude and time to ease our mind, a bit of inspiration, and some frequent practice to unlock the inner artist in you; here’s our simple guide on how to tap into the left side of the brain and get creative:

Relax The Right Side Of Your Brain
The creative left side of the brain can only be accessed to its full potential when we are relaxed. That means giving the right side of the brain, the side that tends to overwork and build up stress, a well-deserved break. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to take up meditation and yoga, especially if your fast-paced life doesn’t allow for it. All you have to do is take a few moments to de-stress. This could be going to bed early and getting well-rested, or just going for a walk in solitude; whatever suits your lifestyle the best. And, once you’re relaxed, you’ll find the creativity will begin to flow.

Get Inspired
What stirs your emotional responses? It could be a loved one, reflecting on yourself, or the beauty of nature. If something seems to spark your emotions, it’s probably going to be great inspiration for your creativity. Even if you’re unsure what you’re inspired by, it’s a good idea to take a sketch pad and a pencil wherever you go; when you feel the inspiration happens to strike, you’ll be prepared at the moment to capture it. A great place to start would be a walk in nature; there are plenty of natural sights in Seattle to see the cherry blossoms, go people-watching, or just be in relaxed solitude to nurture and inspire your inner artist.

Practice The Techniques
You don’t need to have gone to art school to be creative; all it takes is an idea and a bit of practice. The easiest and most accessible way to get started is to try out some helpful online tutorials which range from drawing landscapes and figures to how to use watercolors and techniques. Commit several practice sessions a week and you’ll find yourself not only improving, but also generally feeling far more relaxed and less stressed. You’ll come away with beautiful fruits of your expression, a sense of accomplishment at having found your inner artist, and boosted mental well-being.

The reason anyone paints draws or writes always comes down to one thing: the need to express. It’s human nature to want to capture the beauty we see in our everyday lives, and we never lose this sense about us. That’s why you can pick up a pencil or brush at any time, as there is always an artist inside that has something to say. It doesn’t matter if you don’t get the techniques down right away, or you don’t have the art equipment you’d like – the important thing is that you free that inner artist and let it express itself.

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