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Never gonna Frito-Lay you down: Rick Astley launches fun New Year’s resolution campaign

A-ha and Rick Astley Perform In Auckland
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Rick Astley is the man who launched 1,000 memes, thanks to his 1987 hit, “Never Gonna Give you Up.”  Now he will be known for something else — a Frito-Lay spokesperson.

Announced Tuesday, the British pop singer is teaming up with the chip maker to launch a campaign centered around New Year’s resolutions, titled “New Year, New You.”  Taking inspiration from his meme-worthy hit single, the campaign looks at what people want to give up in 2022, before giving them permission to indulge in the things they love.

The message challenges people to think about the intent behind their New Years resolutions and why giving up the things you love isn’t always the solution.  Frito-Lay and Rick argue that resolutions about getting healthy shouldn’t mean going cold turkey on your favorite snack, but instead looking into smarter options.

“No one should start a new year with a list of things they’re giving up, so I’ve partnered again with Frito-Lay to continue encouraging people to do more of what they love,” the singer said in a press release. “The point of Frito-Lay’s ‘New Year, New You’ campaign is that we can still enjoy the things we love while also making choices we feel good about. That doesn’t just have to be about snacking, either. It’s an idea that can resonate across all areas of our lives.”

Rick wants you to tell Frito-Lay what YOU love on for a chance to win $1,000.  The deadline to enter is February 27.

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