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Netflix, Puppies & REAL LIFE Experiences That Can Help Prepare YOU For A FOUR Legged Family Expansion [6 Puppies & Us]

Thinking about welcoming a puppy into your home for the first time? Maybe you’re interested in a different breed of dog than you’ve had in the past? (I know I learned a lot, FAST, when I fostered my first small-dog-breed puppy.)

BEFORE you dive in, I highly suggest the Netflix show 6 Puppies & Us:

It’s a show out of the UK, chronicling the experiences of 6 families as they expand their families. Some purchased from breeders and others adopted from rescues. (I urge you to adopt. Thousands of adoptable dogs and cats are euthanized every year by no fault of their own. You can find every age/breed/sex you’re looking for on Petfinder. AND, if you don’t find your match immediately, I PROMISE you will with a bit of patience. Feel free to reach out to me if you need help or have questions about rescue/adoption/transport: ) 

From an educational standpoint, there are so many real-life situations showcased in the series:

Communication: So often we expect animals to understand us. Learning a dog’s thought process is an import key to training.

Engaging both Body & Mind: We all know a “Tired dog is a good dog,” but that doesn’t JUST mean physical exercise. Mental stimulation is JUST as important.

Imprinting: Understanding how experiences a puppy has can impact their future view of the world. Balancing exposure with protection is one of the trickiest moments new puppy parents can face!

Routine: It’s not JUST about exercise and potty training (Which, can take many months-years, FYI). Puppies will sleep when nothing else is going on. It’s REALLY easy to teach them unattractive behaviors when they’re tiny and cuddly and all you want to do is snuggle them at 2am. TRUST me, I’ve been there.

Classes/Continued Education: Appreciate that you’re on a lifetime journey with your pet. You may NEVER “finish” training. Even if you’ve completed a few classes, your entire family will spend the life of your pet reinforcing the work you started.

Enjoy the show & watch with your family! I hope you LOVE it as much as I do!



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