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Need Help? There’s a Signal for That

Recognize the hand signal for DV so you can help or use it if necessary.

A TikTok by user forsure7, based in Canada,

demonstrates the signal in a video uploaded to the social media site,

indicating to a woman on her video call that she needs help.

Domestic violence is a serious global issue, and the problem may be getting worse

for many families during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Stay-at-home orders can make the act of escaping a violent partner

or family member especially difficult.

In an effort to combat the rise of domestic violence in their own country,

the Canadian Women’s Foundation has launched a new initiative to give victims in need

a way to silently and secretly ask for help. It’s called the Signal for Help,

and it’s catching on in more places than just Canada.

The foundation’s Signal for Help is a simple hand gesture that can be done

over Zoom calls, TikTok, FaceTime or any other type of video service.

To make the signal, you hold up your open palm, tuck your thumb against it,

and then close your fingers over your thumb.

More info: HERE

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