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National Coffee Day Deals and Steals You Deserve!

Close-up And Top View Of Hot Black Coffee In White Coffee Cup An
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Java, brew, cup a’ joe, jitter juice, liquid energy, rocket fuel… I could go on and on.  We drink a LOT of it here in the Great Northwest.  Happy National Coffee Day.  Here’s a list of places offering your caffeine infusion for FREE today!

National Coffee Day freebies & discounts Sept 29


Coffee is worth OVER $100B worldwide!

We sure love it here in the PNW… but Hawaii and, much more recently, California are the only states in the U.S. that actually grows coffee.

Coffee is a fruit!  Remember that when your doctor tells you to get after the fruits and vegetables more!

The word “coffee” comes from the Arabic word for “wine”.  Double great news… does that mean it’s National Wine Day too?  (actually that’s May 25th)

Many societies have tried to ban coffee through the years.  They lost… get over it.  lol

Coffee drinkers tend to live longer.

So pour a cup and enjoy!!