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Natasha Bedingfield: ‘The Masked Singer’ National Tour will inspire audience to “release their inhibitions”

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Natasha Bedingfield was on season 6 of The Masked Singer and now she’s hosting a 50-city national tour based on the hit show, which launches May 28 in St. Louis. While favorite characters like Taco, Alien, Robot and Monster will be on hand, the celebrities inside the costumes won’t be. In fact, the tour isn’t so much a competition as it is a journey of self-discovery.

Natasha tells ABC Audio that the concert will be “entertaining and interactive,” with surprise celebrity guests and a storyline “about revealing your true self.”

“For example, the Queen of Hearts — it won’t be Jewel,” Natasha says of the season 6 champ. “We get to see what is the Queen of Hearts like without Jewel inside … and that’s part of the story. Do the characters possibly find their own voice through this? And does the audience feel inspired to kind of ‘release their inhibitions,’ like my song [‘Unwritten’] says, and … really be who they are?”

That’s why Natasha will sing, but not in her Pepper costume.

“Now it’ll be, ‘What will Pepper be like without me inside?'” she explains. “What’s going to be interesting is [seeing] world-class professional dancers inside of those costumes, because these characters come to life in a whole other way.”

For Natasha, touring with dancers is a whole new experience — she’s never done it.

“Fifteen years or so ago …  if you were a blond singer, you were going to … lip sync and you’re going to have dance routines. So that was kind of my little rebellious thing: ‘I want to sing live with a live band and not dance,'” she explains. “But what I’ve learned … is that the way you hear is really affected by what you see … and so the visual is so important.”

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