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My Favorite Murder Shouts Out Warm’s Kate Daniels, Host of Inspirational Women,

If you listen to many podcasts (especially in the hugely popular True Crime category) you’ve probably heard of My Favorite Murder. A comedy-based true crime podcast, My Favorite Murder is hosted by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark and has perennially been in the iTunes top 10 since it launched in 2016.

Our resident “murderino” (as fans of the podcast are called) was therefore pretty shocked to hear co-host Karen Kilgariff talking about Warm 106.9 host Kate Daniels’ show Inspirational Women on the most recent episode!

Inspirational Women, which airs on Sunday mornings, recently interviewed Sophie Poldermans, author of the book “Seducing and Killing Nazis”. Polderman’s book details the lives of Truus and Freddie Oversteegen along with Hannie Schaft, all members of the Dutch Resistance during WWII who “gathered vital information, provided Jewish children with safe houses, stole identification papers, and bombed railways, along with liquidating the invaders”.

Karen, while researching her episode on the Oversteegen Sisters and Hannie Schaft ran across the Inspirational Women podcast and said that it is “…like your favorite high school teacher hosting a podcast”. We couldn’t agree more!

Please note that My Favorite Murder is an amazing podcast, but it does contain adult themes and adult language. 

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