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Music Professor on a Route 66 Mission

Route 66 sunset
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A music professor who has been traveling Route 66 for almost a year, getting inspiration to compose new work.

Highway 66 is turning 100 years old in 2026.

“The plan is to have it premiered in 2026 for the 100th year anniversary.

Dr. Nolan Stolz is composing an orchestra symphony inspired by Route 66, says he has been on the road for about 200 days now and has only been home for about two weeks since his journey began in July 2021.

Inspired by the most famous highway in the US, the work titled ‘Route 66 Suite’ will be a musical reflection of the historic highway, representing various aspects of the road.

“I take a lot of inspiration from even just the rhythm of the animated sign or just the bright colors, but everything from old theaters, to tower theater, for instance,” said Stolz.

He has enjoyed his whole journey, but he says one memory stands out.

“There’s this private farmland that the original route 66 from 1926 to the early 30s. Went through this guy’s property, and it’s been fenced off for decades. He heard about my project gave me the gate code to his property and let me drive up and down old 66 He’s only let two or three people do that ever,” Stolz said.

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