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Music notes: The Weeknd, Sara Bareilles, Ed Sheeran, Andy Grammer, Gwen Stefani and Michael Bublé


After a rocky start, The Weeknd’s stadium tour is in full swing. Sharing photos from his concert in Philadelphia, he raved, “Philadelphia … we finally did it. thank you for helping me ring in the tour. last night was emotional for all of us.” He also shared what his show entails, such as crazy background images and special effects.

Sara Bareilles is teaming up with the Good Tidings charity foundation, which supports underserved children in Northern California. Sara will be their guest on their October 14 anniversary party. “I’m up to something Good,” she teased in her Instagram Story.

Ed Sheeran can turn anything into a music-making opportunity, including a sprinkler system. Taking to TikTok, he duetted a video of a timed water hose and began singing “Shape of You” to the beat. “This record was actually made on a farm,” he joked in a caption.

Andy Grammer’s two-year-old is developing some sass. He took to his Instagram Story about struggling to get little Israel to fall asleep and wrote, “She keeps singing. Finally, I get serious and say, ‘Izzy NO MORE TALKING NO MORE SINGING!’ She then hits us with ‘You gotta keep your head up Ooh Ooh!’ Touché little one… touché.”

Some fans have accused Gwen Stefani of cultural appropriation for wearing a Jamaican flag-themed dress and her hair in dreadlocks for Sean Paul‘s “Light My Fire” music video, reports Page Six. Gwen has not responded to the backlash.

(NOTE LANGUAGE) If you want to make Michael Bublé mad, mention the holidays. He shared a TikTok about the one sentence guaranteed to boil his blood: “It’s not Christmas, get back in your cave.” He wrote, “I struggled to pick the best caption but here are my top 3… 1. If I had a f***in’ dime bro…2. Sick burn. 3. Petition to retire this tired a** joke.”

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