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Music notes: Taylor Swift, Gwen Stefani, Olivia Rodrigo and more

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Taylor Swift fans have a new way to celebrate their graduation — with the recently unveiled “I’m Feeling ’22” graduation collection. Items include stickers to decorate one’s mortarboard, tote bags, sweaters and even paper plates that are purr-fect for a graduation party. We say purr-fect because Tyalor’s cat Meredith‘s face is all over the paraphernalia, along with the slogan, “Happy, Free, Confused and Lonely at the Same Time.” You can buy the items now at Taylor’s online store

Gwen Stefani apologized to husband Blake Shelton for forgetting to wear her wedding ring on Jimmy Kimmel Live! “I was running a little late…and ran out of the house without my wedding ring on. Of course, all we talked about was the wedding, so that happened,” Gwen lamented in her video apology and flashed her bare ring finger.  She included a face palm emoji in the caption.

Olivia Rodrigo was dressed to the nines for the world premiere of her new Disney+ doc Olivia Rodrigo: Driving Home 2 U (a SOUR Film), which is now streaming. She shared some snaps — taken with a digital camera — of the dress she wore, which appears to be a black corset with four ballet pink bows snapped in a line down the center. She also wore a ballet pink mini skirt and matching black gloves with similar bows.  

Madonna is now part of the NFT crew, after spending $470,000 on a “bored ape” image, reports Benzina. “I finally entered the MetaVerse,” she announced on Instagram. “My very own Ape! What should I name her?”  The crimson-colored ape has eyes all over its neck and arms, and is wearing a black biker chick hat.

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