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Music notes: Harry Styles, Lindsey Stirling, Janet Jackson and Jewel

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A new TikTok video shows Harry Styles coming to a fan’s defense when performing in Antwerp, Belgium. A woman from North Carolina was waving a sign that said she was “stuck” in Europe, so naturally Harry asked her about it onstage. Once the audience learned she was American, they started booing.  Harry looked appalled and tried lightening the mood by interacting further with the stranded fan — who definitely loved the extra attention. 

If you need help rehabbing a cheap wig, just ask Lindsey Stirling. She revealed on Instagram that she ordered two $30 wigs off Amazon for her “Til The Light Goes Out” music video. She styled the wigs herself and revealed that if you want your wig to look “expensive,” you “cut some little wispy hairs in front to mask the cheap hairline.”

It’s been 40 years since Janet Jackson released her debut solo single, “Young Love,” and the Grammy winner has been celebrating the milestone anniversary on Instagram. “Wow it’s been 40 years u guys. Thank u so much for all the LUV,” she wrote while sharing some throwback pictures of the single’s official artwork.

How would you celebrate your kid’s birthday? How about a giant bubble bath? That’s what Jewel did! The singer is on tour and revealed she convinced a venue to put a ton of bubbles in their in-ground pool so her kid could enjoy some pre-birthday shenanigans. Jewel is currently on tour with Train and Blues Traveler.

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