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Music notes: Britney Spears, Andy Grammer, Cyndi Lauper, Justin Timberlake, Paula Abdul, Ava Max and more



Andy Grammer got choked up singing his hit “Saved My Life” to his godmother, Leigh. Andy shared the sweet video, where he dedicated the song to her and had to face away from her to sing it.

Cyndi Lauper saluted National Vinyl Record Day by explaining what makes the music format so special.  Taking to Instagram, she explained in a video, “Everybody forgets that it sounds great. We used to have a saying, ‘It’s not final ’til it’s vinyl.'” She then played her 1983 hit “She’s So Unusual” to prove her point.

Jessica Biel shared some throwback photos of her, husband Justin Timberlake and the NSYNC boys, as well as Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore. Justin, who is sporting ultra-curly hair, is posing with bandmates Joey FatoneLance BassJC Chasez and Chris Kirkpatrick.

Paula Abdul showed off how much her dog loves her. She shared a video of her coming home; the little dog tackles Paula, covers her in kisses and runs around in total excitement. “Talk about someone who’s excited to see me,” she wrote on TikTok.

Ava Max shared some glam photos of her in a ’90s-inspired purple tank and low-rise jeans. “turning tears to diamonds,” she captioned the post, leading fans to believe this is for her upcoming single “Million Dollar Baby.”

If you suspected TikTok is helping songs go viral, you are correct. Billboard reports influencers are becoming kingmakers in making songs go viral — and labels are even paying influencers, alternatively called “music curators,” to recommend certain songs to their followers. 

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