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Move over, McConaughey! Michael Bublé will help whisper you to sleep on Calm

Courtesy of Calm

Michael Bublé is putting his dulcet tones to further good use with a brand-new partnership with Calm, an app that helps people relax and fall asleep.

The “I’ll Never Not Love You” singer says he’s delighted that he’s adding “sleep icon” to his resume.  The story he picked to help people doze off is the 40-minute tale, A Lucky Day, which is about love and luck while “teaching you to let life’s little twists and turns lead you where you’re meant to be,” per the press release.

Michael first shot his shot with Calm in July 2021, after Michael McConaughey loaned his voice to the relaxation app.  Michael boasted he could give McConaughey “a run for his money” and shared a picture of him talking his daughter to sleep.

He then took to TikTok on Tuesday to share he was officially part of the Calm squad and jokingly pretended to read his sleep story just like McConaughey.  “Matthew’s put me to sleep for years, I would like to return the favour,” he cheekily captioned the clip.

You can listen to Michael’s sleep story on Calm now.

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