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Mount Rainier is lurking

A new article by National Geographic claims that Mount Rainier could be the most dangerous volcano in the U.S.  Keep in mind that Kilauea is literally spewing hot magma into the Pacific Ocean, melting houses and dropping lava bombs on tour boats, but I digress.

Volcano experts note that the real danger with Rainier comes from the threat of lahars (destructive mudflows) that could take over entire towns and fill up valleys up to 500 feet. All this before your morning coffee, we know, it’s a lot to take in.  Of course, steps are being taken to warn people of impending doom, so that’s got to be somewhat comforting. There is no warning for that 9.0 Earthquake.

Ok, now that we have significantly upped your anxiety and alerted you to the demise of our great region, we will let you go on with your day…

Oh, and if you want to read the full National Geographic article, here you go!

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