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Most Stressful Careers in 2023

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Top 5 Anxiety-Inducing Jobs, According to Experts.

Job-related stress keeping you up at night? If you’re already dreading tomorrow’s workday you’re not alone — and we don’t have to tell you that it’s unhealthy. Many people feel that their job is the most stressful of all jobs, but are they right? The most stressful careers combine high emotional and mental tolls with often meager pay for those who work in the field. We searched the web to find the consensus on the most stressful careers according to experts. Before we find out if your job made the list, let’s talk about the American breaking point.

By now the Great Resignation is a well-known movement. In the last few years many people have left jobs in search of better conditions, believing they deserve a career that better aligns with their values while promoting a healthier work-life balance. And there’s research to back it up: “It turns out more than one in four people have quit their job for the sake of their mental health.” That’s right, a study reveals that “in a poll of more than 2,000 working Americans by career guidance service JobSage, researchers found that 28 percent say they’ve left a job in the last two years because of its impact on their mental health. Nearly two in five Americans have considered quitting for this reason.” But hey, it’s not like your job can actually kill you, can it?

Unfortunately, your job might be more detrimental to your health than you think. According to this study, “researchers warn that burdensome demands at the office mixed with lack of job control can lead to depression — and potentially death — for struggling employees.” Researchers point to lack of autonomy and lower cognitive abilities as the reasons for the adverse effects. But it seems that one reason has a larger impact: “The main culprit here appears to be lack of control or autonomy. More professional responsibilities or expectations were actually found to improve overall health and lower one’s risk of death when combined with more freedom while at work.”

Ready to find out if your job is on our list? Below is our list of the five most stressful careers. Our list contains the top choices across eight expert websites. We want to hear from you! Comment below to let us know which other careers you think belong on the list!

1. Surgeon

2. Police Officer

3. Firefighter

4. Social Worker

5. Paramedic

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