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Elf on the Shelf

Santa Claus and the elves make gifts for children at Christmas. Workshop of Santa Claus. Christmas concept.

Christmas is a magical time of year. We all know and love Santa and all his helpers, including the Elf on the shelf! Allan & Ashley talk to listeners about their favorite Elf on the shelf stories! Listen here! pt 1 pt 2

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Howard Schultz Steps Down from Starbucks, Multi-Colored Christmas Trees

Credit: utah778 |

Howard Schultz is leaving Starbucks. Huskies play for the PAC 12 Championship against Colorado tonight! And a tree farm in New Jersey is selling multi-colored Christmas Trees! I guess you could literally have a blue Christmas! Listen here!  

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Cute Kids, Christmasy Things, Breaking Up For Holidays

christmas stocking and gifts under christmas tree

Let’s take a look back on the week that was! Cute kids talking Christmas! Should you break up before or after the holidays? And what is Ashley’s daughter actually saying? Listen here!

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Feliz NaviDOG

bulldog santa and bulldog under christmas tree

It’s Wet-Nosed Wednesday here on Mornings with Allan & Ashley… so Redbeard of course had to put together a silly song to promote it! Wishing you a hairy Christmas, Feliz Navidog!  

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What’s Ashley’s Daughter Saying?


Ashley’s two-year-old daughter is cute as all get-out. She’s still learning how to speak, so Ashley likes to record her for a little game we like to call “what is Ashley’s daughter saying?” See if YOU can guess before we give the answer! Listen here!

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Cute Kids Talk Christmas

Little boy and girl making Christmas gingerbread house at fireplace in decorated living room. Kids playing with ginger bread under Christmas tree. Baking and cooking with children for Xmas at home.

Who doesn’t love Christmas and cute kids? Who loves Christmas more than kids? Probably no one. So we went out to talk to first graders to talk Christmas. Listen to the cuteness here!  

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NASA Needs Your Help, Canadian Police Fight Drunk Drivers with Nickelback

International Space Station and astronaut in outer space over the planet Earth. Elements of this image furnished by NASA.

Don’t drive drunk, especially in Canada. On top of the fine, a year’s driving suspension, Canadian police promise to blast Nickelback in the squad car on the way to the police station! NASA needs your help creating an innovative new diaper for their astronauts in space. And Steven’s pass is open, to skiers’ delight! Listen here!

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