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Mom Takes Out a Billboard “Marry My Daughter”


Boston mom Beth Davis is looking for a date for a daughter.

Mom describes her as “easygoing”—so easygoing that she’s OK with appearing on a “Date My Daughter” billboard in Times Square. Dating app Wingman arranged for the billboard, which has a link to the dating profile Beth set up for 30-year-old Molly.  The 61-year-old mother says she had been diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer that has spread to her bones. She says she hopes to be around for at least another two years and while she has a happily married son, she dreams of seeing Molly settled as well.

“I’m letting my mom have the fun of filtering through profiles and responses,” Molly says, “I value a relationship like that of my parents, where they talk things over and reach for high degrees of kindness.” Her mother says they saw the 47-foot-by-25-foot billboard for themselves over the weekend. “I threw back my head, my glasses fell off and I giggled,” Beth says. “We both jumped up and down with excitement.” She says other mothers have told her “their daughters would kill them if they did what I did,” but Molly is much more relaxed.

The billboard will be up for a month. Beth “is focused with love and attention for her daughter and so I wanted to help her accelerate that search and find someone great,” says Wingman founder Tina Wilson. Molly, who works in medical sales, says her ideal first date would be a “low-stakes” activity like playing pool. “Smart, kind, and humorous would be the trifecta,”  Someone with the essence of Chris Hemsworth or Ryan Reynolds.” She says she’s hoping the right person will be “confident enough to not be dissuaded by the unorthodox.”

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