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Mistakes You’re Making When Texting a Date

Happy Smiling Girl Texting To Boyfriend On Mobile Phone For Cand

‘Are We Still On?’

1. You’re Asking Dates “Are We Still On?”

2. You’re Not Communicating Enough

3. You’re Texting Too Much Before The First Date

4. You Never Call Out Ghosting

5. You Don’t Reply To Rejection Texts

6. You Open Conversations With “Hi” & That’s It

 7. You Give A “Reason” When You’re Not Into Someone

8. You’ve Made An Unwanted Pen Pal

If you’ve ever wished for a script to follow when you’re messaging dates, you’re in luck. Texting scripts are Ali Jackson’s — aka @findingmrheight’s — specialty. The dating coach’s TikTok-viral videos give singles a playbook for communicating with a crush, and she’s helped followers accomplish everything from getting engaged to asserting their self-worth in unfulfilling relationships.

Jackson’s texting tips came about three years ago, when she started sharing her experience with online dating in New York City. She grew a following on TikTok, started a podcast, and soon became a dating and relationship coach to formalize her passion for doling out advice to curious followers.

All the details and video’s: HERE

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