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Millennial Moms Want Clones

Even after all these years, a woman’s work is still never done. A new survey that found 9 out of 10 millennial moms would clone themselves to keep up with daily duties.

Researchers polled 2,028 maxed out mamas about the realities of their physical and mental stress loads for the poll conducted by OnePoll on behalf of MDLive medical resource hub.

The survey reported 73% of millennial — ages 25 to 40 — matriarchs too often take on the mindset of “I’ll just do it myself” just to make sure the gig gets done right for their families.

A whopping 88% of the caretakers said they wanted their own clones because they’re feeling burned out.

“Moms are some of the most hardworking people that we all know,” said Dr. Shakira Espada-Campos, behavioral health medical director at MDLive. “They take on so many responsibilities that it can be extremely overwhelming sometimes, so it’s no surprise that they feel overwhelmed most days of the week.”

“Although we all like to see them as superheroes, it takes a toll, and moms struggle with their mental health, too,” Espada-Campos said. “They should never feel like they’re alone in their mental health journey or need to suffer in silence.

It’s important to be there for them the same way they’re there for everyone else.”

Here’s the checklist of ideal roles moms have for their clones:

  • Housekeeper – 56%
  • Laundry service – 51%
  • Chef – 41%
  • Nanny/babysitter – 38%
  • Personal assistant – 36%
  • Personal shopper – 34%
  • Tutor/homework helper – 31%
  • Handywoman – 30%
  • Chauffeur – 28%
  • Doctor/nurse – 26%

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