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Michael Bublé says he was ready to quit music after son was diagnosed with liver cancer

Michael Buble Presents New Album In Madrid
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Michael Bublé admits he was ready to walk away from his music career in 2016 when his young son, Noah, was diagnosed with liver cancer.  Noah has been in remission since 2017, but Michael revealed what was stolen from him during that scary time.

“I didn’t think I’d ever perform again. Never,” Michael told the U.K.’s The Telegraph. It wasn’t even on my radar.”

Michael said he was so affected by his son’s diagnosis, “I wasn’t even singing in the shower” because he poured all his energy into “taking care of my family and protecting my mental health.”

Following the good news that Noah beat liver cancer, Michael said it took him a long time to recover mentally and emotionally from that dark period in his life.  He was encouraged to return to music and, in 2018, released Love.

“I limped back on that last record,” the Canadian singer confessed. “There was no way I was ready. I was still a wreck.” 

Michael explained how deeply he was affected when recalling a moment in July 2018 when the pressure became too much. He had finished performing at London’s Hyde Park and admits he “was a mess” once he walked off stage. “I always felt like I was Teflon, there was never a moment that could get the better of me. I was a centered, focused machine on stage,” he explained. “For the first time in my whole career, I couldn’t hide emotionally. But it was beautiful. I realized I didn’t have that protective mechanism any more. And I felt free.”

Michael is glad he continued his singing, calling his career “a privilege” and “a joy.”

His new album, Higher, is out now.

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