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Michael Bublé puts on a red wig and pretends to be Ed Sheeran “so that I can truly feel powerful”

ABC/Lou Rocco

Michael Bublé doesn’t identify himself once, but twice, as a sex symbol in his social media bio. But, the Canadian singer admits having the title is somewhat of a burden.

Speaking to Australia’s The Project, Michael revealed the hardest part of being one of the world’s self-appointed sexiest people.

“It’s lonely,” he remarked. “I’m not kidding. It’s lonely being a legend in only your own mind and, you know, no one else really thinks that way about you.”

The “Sway” singer added that donning the “sex symbol” mantle is a matter of “pretend.” He also revealed he thinks Ed Sheeran is deserving of the title.

“My wife [Luisana Lopilato] has, like, wigs and stuff from her movies. I spend a lot of time with this red wig and I walk around the house pretending I’m Ed Sheeran so that I can truly feel powerful,” he quipped. “Cause all the other times, I’m Michael Bublé [the] jazz guy.”

“I like to pretend I’m Ed,” the Grammy winner deadpanned. “He’s so fantastic.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Michael sweetly opened up about welcoming his fourth child with his wife, Luisana Lopilato. Saying that he “can’t wait to meet” his new daughter, the crooner gushed, “With this little girl — it’s hard to explain — I talk to her, I feel her, I know this is my girl. This is my princess in there.”

It is unknown when the new bundle of joy arrives. The two revealed they were expecting in late February via Michael’s “I’ll Never Not Love You” music video.

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