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Michael Bublé on why you need to see his new tour: “I’m the best in the world at what I do”

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Last September, Michael Bublé did a brief tour to give his band some work. Earlier this year, he did a mini-residency in Las Vegas. Now he’s on a full-fledged world tour in support of his latest album, Higher, and it arrives in North America Monday night in Duluth, Georgia. Michael insists that fans should expect nothing but the best from his show.

“You know, I’m the best in the world at what I do,” he boasted to ABC Audio, only half joking. “And the only reason I’m the best in the world is because I think I’m like a chef — a chef who loves cooking. But even more, I love the people that I cook my food for.”

And that, Michael said, is the key to his relationship with his fans.

“I think that’s why it’s so real. I think that’s why the connection’s so real, like … I always feel so blessed,” he explained. “I’m always so grateful. And I think I’ve gotten good at what I’ve done because I really appreciate what I’m doing.”

Then, reconsidering his claim — and his metaphors — Michael laughed, “Did that make any sense? That seemed very convoluted. Did I just tell you I was the best in the world?”

Assured that he did, in fact, say that, Michael then laughed, “Yeah, well — it’s true!”

You can judge for yourself whether or not Michael truly is the best by checking out his Higher tour when it hits a city near you.

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