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Merry Christmas! We’re Suing YOU! [LIFETIME]

Have you heard of the Lifetime movie Christmas Harmony? If NOTHING else, Chandra Wilson from Grey’s Anatomy is in it…So, SOLD!

But wait…There’s a pending LAW SUIT on this candy-cane-coated rom-com! One of the scenes includes a family’s Christmas card. NO ONE KNOWS how it ended up on the set. Watch this scene from TMZ. Imagine that was YOUR Christmas Card…I’ll wait.

Ok. Did that upset YOU? Were you offended? Was your holiday celebration tarnished?

  • If YES: You side with the family. They’re suing Lifetime for ALL the movie profits.
  • If NO: You sound reasonable.

I’ve watch A LOT of Christmas movies. I don’t have to watch this to know that dude is the GRINCH or VILLIAN. That’s how these movies work. There are classically at least 3 of the following:

  • 2 people that are clearly WRONG for each other are together or recently separated. (One is the villain OR currently with the villian.)
  • Grinch
  • Someone is a widow
  • Adorable kid
  • Dog
  • Small town
  • Enchanted land
  • Big City
  • Prince/Princess/Royalty
  • Unexpected money
  • Dilemma between LOVE & Career (Sometimes you get BOTH.)
  • Transition from friendship to love
  • Memories of a deceased love one
  • Unrealistic careers
  • Odd wardrobes
  • Happy ending
  • Vindication

CLEARLY, when that dude insults the Christmas Card he’s the GRINCH or VILLIAN. You can’t take what he says seriously. . .But the family pictured did. And…I guess they technically have a case. I mean, the photo was used without permission. Which is not cool. 

But, come on. ALL the profits? Invite them to some sets or offer a walk on roll on one of your MILLION upcoming productions, and call it good.




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