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Meghan Trainor reveals what it was like writing sexier songs with her brothers

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Lauren Dunn/Epic Records

Meghan Trainor is gearing up for the release of her fifth studio album, Takin’ It Back, and revealed it’s not only “heavier” than her previous works — it’s sexier.

Speaking with E!’s Daily Pop, the Grammy winner opened up about the album’s flirtier track “Dance About It.”  And while the song sees Meghan embracing her sensual side, the “No” singer revealed she worked on it with her brothers Ryan and Justin Trainor.

“It’s weirdly not awkward,” she said of making a sexy song with her siblings. “We were all together in a room writing it, and it’s like, why argue when we can just dance about it?  It’s like, let’s just hook up and have a good night, and I’m like, ‘God, I’m writing this with my bros.'”

“But it’s just like normal for us. We’re just writing songs, like telling stories,” Meghan explained. 

Revealing more about the album, Meghan also dished about a song called “Don’t I Make It Look Easy,” which is a tongue-in-cheek single about how people lie about their lives on social media.

“I talk about how we post on social media, how easy our life is. We don’t post the bad,” said the hitmaker. “And I’m like, ‘Don’t I make being a mom, a hardworking mom look easy?’ That’s what I’m really talking about. But also, social media’s a lie.”

Meghan has since released the first track off the album titled “Bad For Me” and is so happy to hear how fans have responded to it. The song is about leaving a toxic relationship.

“On TikTok, I see a lot of people telling their stories in it. It makes me emotional and makes me feel like, ‘Oh, it’s important that we put this out,” she said.

Takin’ It Back arrives October 21.

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