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Meghan Trainor can thank a "Christmas connection" for her hit duet with Seth MacFarlane

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Meghan Trainor‘s album A Very Trainor Christmas features some interesting collaborations, including one song with Earth, Wind & Fire, one featuring her dad Gary, and a duet with Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane on “White Christmas.”  The duet’s become one of the first major hits of the holiday season, and Meghan says it came about because of her “Christmas connection” with Seth.

“I did a Christmas show with him years ago at The Grove,” Meghan says, referring to the music venue in Anaheim, California. “He asked me to sing a duet with him and I sang, like, a Justin Bieber Christmas song on my ukulele with his orchestra. And that was like a dream come true — my mom flew out from Nantucket to watch this go down!”

“So I thought, like, ‘Maybe I have that Christmas connection with him. Maybe he would say ‘yes’ —  and thank God he did,” she tells ABC Audio. “And I was so excited!”

Meghan says she knew exactly what she wanted Seth to sing on the album, and he obliged right away.

“I knew the song…I was like, ‘I want “White Christmas” to be a duet and I want him to sing his parts,'” she tells ABC Audio. “And I couldn’t be with him because of quarantine, but they were so good to us, and they recorded him in one day and sent his raw audio, which sounded perfect.”

“And I was like, ‘Wow, what’s it like to sound like that?'” she laughs. “So it was great!”

By Andrea Dresdale
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