Wet Nose Wednesday

Meet Wyeth – The aMEOWzing Kitty

WNW Wyeth

Wyeth and his brothers and mum came to the shelter from an overcrowded municipal shelter in July 2022. His brothers and mum have all been adopted, and he’s the only one left still looking for his forever home.  Wyeth was born with Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH), a condition that makes him walk a bit wobbly as it causes him to lose motor coordination. His foster family has him use a walker to assist with his mobility, with the hope that it helps strengthen his muscles. They’ve noticed that he’s been better at balancing himself, not necessarily due to the walker, but from his own power, as he stands upright more.    CH cats learn to cope with their abilities and can thrive and lead a long, healthy life. He’s not in pain and CH is not contagious or progressive so any home can be a home for a CH kitty!    He’s an affectionate kitty who loves to play with balls and strings like any other kitten. What Wyeth needs most of all is someone with patience who’s prepared to provide him with some physical support and make accommodations in their home for him.


To learn more about Wyeth and Pawsitive Alliance click HERE.